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Customer service is a full range of services provided by our company to maintain the office equipment and computers.

Provision of just-in-time performance monitoring of equipment's production is a guarantee of the growth of the efficiency of any organization in general. The majority remembers it only in extreme situations when the technique is failing.  As result it is the disruption of contracts, loss of opportunities and drop image (destroying of reputation). In the end, lots of time and money will be taken in order to repair the equipment and restore credibility.


Thus, first, setting up office business it is necessary to take care of the preventive measures for maintenance of the office equipment.

 In the process of customer service, the specialists will undertake the removal of any faults that occur during the operation of office equipment.

Carrying out the regular maintenance will ensure the safety and reliable operation of the office equipment, which will have a positive impact on the efficiency of the entire organization.

 Our company offers IT-outsourcing services on a permanent contract basis. It should be noted that the realization of the individual works in the overall total cost more expensive than the regular service under the contract. Timely preventive surveillance (monitoring or control, surveillance- ) over the office equipment working capacity reduces the risk of unanticipated outage many times. The potential problems might be identifying through the regular monitoring of software and service equipment, thus helping to prevent the occurrence of fairly serious technical trouble and possible financial losses.


The main advantage of this approach is the ability to direct efforts completely towards  business development and getting the full range of services for office equipment entrusted to professionals.

Our specialists will provide with the full maintenance of personal computers and servers, and networking equipment and storage systems as well. The innovative systems can be develop and implement by our specialists in order to facilitate business optimization; and if it is necessary, licensed software and protection will be provided with for your information. It is possible to buy all necessary equipment for setting up and improving infrastructure of your company.

The  benefits will be provided for regular customers signed an agreement on Customer service of the office equipment. Representatives of our company will help to install the software and advise on its using. The training on working with PC will be carried out as necessary and our specialists familiarize you with the capabilities of the Office programs.

Customer service is realized by our center includes a regularly scheduled maintenance inspection of the equipment as well as an unlimited number of visits on fixed-term service request. During planned visit the all system diagnostic is performing in order to identify foul-up and virus threat. If it is needed troubleshooting process and software upgrades is performed. In case of unexpected disruptions emergency computer visit is performed.

The personal assistance is appointed for each customer who thoroughly studies the technique with all its individual characteristics. Thus, it saves you from the complexities of explanation and will focus entirely on the pursuit of business.


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