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Information Security

The dynamic development of modern computer technologies has led to a rapid expansion of the market information. As the result it gave occasion to increasing in demand for information security as among private companies and state enterprises, as for ordinary citizens.


What should be protected and from whom should we be protected? 


Perhaps, information security is one of the main subjects in modern society, and it is no wonder: according to experts' opinion, just one information leakage from a large company may cause a loss of about 2.7 million dollars.

Thus, miscellaneous data, which constantly accumulating on the computers and servers of the firms, are the object of heighten people interest, who are hunting for information due to resale for the competitors. Unauthorized entry to unprotected file-sharing systems of organization allows intruders to seize valuable information and jeopardize affluence of the company.

Violator s’ interest concerns a variety of file formats: tables, audio and video files, text documents, pictures, e-mails, etc. It is necessary to take a number of measures in order to prevent the information leakage that will ensure the availability, confidentiality and integrity of internal information in the company.


Protection at the highest level


Our company offers information security services for individuals, commercial and government organizations. Comprehensive measures for protection of information resources include the following steps:

  • Organize information management processes and its protection. Clearing up the level of personnel access to the data, the degree of responsibility of each employee. The Identification of the most important areas of information storage.
  • Risk assessment. After classification of the company's information system has been performed the assessment of the probability estimate of unauthorized access will be provided at each site and the potential damage that could be the cause of penetration.
  • Ensuring the protection of information systems. The received data provided by the previous steps will be the recourses for building the most efficient system of information protection. This step includes the calculation of financial costs for maintaining security and preparing regulatory documents.

«Profit» provides with reliable protection of the company information system through the introduction of advanced technical tools that will identify and help to prevent leaks. These are:

-Integrated anti-virus protection;

-Systems performed tasks to detect network attacks and their prevention;
-System vulnerability management and information risk management;
-System-class DLP preventing data leakage;
-System data recovery and backup.

The choice of protection's measures depends on the size of the company information system and the pace of its development. We are capable of providing a wide range of advanced software and hardware solutions that can cope with the problem of any level of complexity. We use only licensed products according to requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Our specialists will provide you with detailed advice. It is possible to contact with our specialist by phone or e-mail to order service examination of company information system to identify risks of information leakage. Our specialists will give you advice on increasing the level of protection of information system and integrating it into operation.



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